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H-Alpha Sun Mosaics

2011/04/24 2011/04/30 2011/06/04DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90

Sun in H-Alpha - Exposure Blending

(c) Michael Hunnekuhl

Prominences at the sun’s edge are often significantly darker than the sun’s disk. Therefore, images of faint prominences that were taken with widely-used 8bit CCD-cameras often show an overexposed sun disk. In general, the overexposed disk is replaced by a dark mask giving the impression of an artificial solar eclipse. Exposure blending is a simple technique to overcome overexposure problems. It combines multiple images, each captured with different exposure times having only parts of the image correctly exposed. Caption: date (yyyy/mm/dd) / camera / filter

(c) Michael Hunnekuhl

2011/04/25 2011/05/06 2011/05/06DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90

2011/06/04 2011/06/04 2011/06/09DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90

All H-Alpha images were taken with a Fraunhofer refractor (f=3000mm, D=200mm) at the observatory Volkssternwarte Hannover. Caption: date (yyyy/mm/dd) / camera / filter

2011/06/09 2011/09/25 2012/07/26DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90 DMK31/SolarMax90

Sun in color exaggarated white light

Caption: date (yyyy/mm/dd) / camera / lens / filter

2011/03/06 2011/06/02Canon 40D/Zenit 3M-6A/ Canon 40D/Zenit 3M-6ABAADER AstroSolar ND5 BAADER AstroSolar ND5

(c) Michael Hunnekuhl