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Moon Mosaics

Photos of the moon suggest blue and red hues on its surface. But the color contrast is rather weak in the visible spectral range. Faint colors corresponds to regions on the moon called Mare and Highlands. Variations in the chemical composition of these regions causes color differences. The contrast between different geological features can be enhanced significantly by exaggerating color differences in moon images. All color moon images on this website show exaggerated moon surface colors. Images were taken with a Fraunhofer refractor (f=3000mm, D=200mm) and a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (C11-Celestron) at the observatory Volkssternwarte Hannover.Caption:date (yyyy/mm/dd) / color mode (mo=monochrome, RGB= color image, G-RGB=RGB with green as luminance, R-RGB=RGB with red as luminance) / resolution index (l=low, m=medium, h=high, vh= very high) /camera / comment.

2009/01/08 2009/04/01 2009/04/03 2009/10/04mo/m/ALccd5v/The First G-RGB/h/ALccd5v+Canon30D mo/h/ALccd5v RGB/l/Canon30D

Moon Details

2009/12/28 2010/01/26 2010/04/18 2010/04/19G-RGB/h/DMK31+Canon30D G-RGB/vh/DMK31+Canon40D mo/m/DMK31 R-RGB/m/DMK31+Canon40D

2010/04/22 2011/04/15 2011/04/15 2011/09/20G-RGB/vh/DMK31+Canon40D G-RGB/h/DMK31+Canon40D/ G-RGB/h/DMK31+Canon40D/ G-RGB/h/DMK31+Canon40D north pole region ancient vulcanos

mosaic 2010/01/26 (c) Michael Hunnekuhl and Michael Theusner all other moon mosaics (c) Michael Hunnekuhl

detail 2010/01/26 (c) Michael Hunnekuhl and Michael Theusner all other moon details (c) Michael Hunnekuhl

2010/01/26 2010/04/22 2011/01/16 2011/01/16 Mare Humorum Rima Hyginus Marius Doms Copernicus

2011/01/16 2011/04/15 2011/04/15 2011/09/20 Mare Humorum Aristillus/Archimedes/Autolycus Posidonius Schickard/Baily and more

2011/09/20 2011/09/20 2011/09/20Reiner Gamma/Grimaldi Grimaldi/Mare Orientale Montes Spitzbergen